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Workshop: ChatGPT, teaching and assessment

ChatGPT is currently at the forefront of much debate about the impact of AI in education. We are therefore running a workshop next Wednesday 8 Feb at 3 – 4.30pm in Logie 613 to test ChatGPT’s capabilities and discuss its implications for teaching and assessment. The first part of the session will involve investigating a range of prompting strategies: we’d like to have participants use real assessment questions / instructions from previous years, so please bring assessment questions or instructions you are happy to share (or, alternatively, output from ChatGPT you have generated in advance). You may wish to consider different kinds of assessments, as we’d like to see a range of examples beyond the ‘standard’ essay question. We also invite your views on how to adapt teaching and assessment in response to these technologies, and how we should communicate expectations around use of AI and dishonest practice.

If you wish to run prompts during the session, please bring your laptop and register for an account (here: In the second part we will discuss the results and potential impacts for teaching and learning in the Faculty of Arts, with the aim of putting together a response that can contribute to wider discussions across the University. This event is being organised by the Digital Humanities Research Network and UC Arts Digital Lab.