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Taping off the Radio: memory and identity in the RDU archive

The tenth seminar in our digital research series is a joint effort by Dr Zita Joyce (Language, Social and Political Science) and Erin Kimber (Macmillan Brown Library). Please note the different day and venue for this one!

“This seminar will use the RDU archives – donated to the Macmillan Brown Library in 2012 – to explore some of the broader issues of collecting and digitally preserving archives, both from a technical and cultural viewpoint.

The archive of RDU, the former UCSA radio station, contains a mix of photographs, business records, and cassette tapes; a fascinating glimpse into Christchurch’s social history. However, the collection is not without challenges. How do you preserve something which is inherently ephemeral? Is it really that easy to link a distributed archive in the digital world? Does the archive need to reflect the changing tastes and practices of its audience, or is it fixed and static? Has the digital world changed the way we listen? In the future, will anyone remember what it was like to sit next to the radio and press record?”

When: Tuesday 20 October, 11am-12.30pm
Where: Psyc/Soci 252

Digital Research Seminar#10 poster