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Narrative Systems and Simulated Storyworlds

What new forms of storytelling are possible when we use computers to generate and curate narratives? From the strict causal logic of plots and conflict models and the dreamlike free-association found in fairytales and modernist fiction to the endless possibilities of dramatic events emerging from large scale social simulations, this talk is a beginner’s guide to the weird and wonderful world of computational narrative.

As well as introducing practical methods to generate stories and model narrative structures using the tools of systems and simulations, we’ll look at how artists, writers and researchers can incorporate these methods into their creative practice, the aesthetic consequences and tradeoffs, and the reasons why people might want to generate stories in the first place.

Speaker: Mark Rickerby – Writer, designer and programmer

Date: Thursday 17 October

Time: 1:00–2:00pm

Venue: Room 526, Meremere (Law), Ilam Campus, University of Canterbury