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DIGI 401: Digital Methods lecture outline and open invite

UC Digital Humanities is pleased to advise that the lectures for DIGI 401: Digital Methods, 2015, will be open to all-comers. The course provides an overview of digital tools and methods applicable to all arts, humanities, and social science disciplines. We’re conscious many students, and staff, might like to attend a few lectures on specific topics of interest. Please contact James Smithies if you plan on arriving with a sizeable group.

The course is co-taught by staff based in the UC Digital Humanities Programme, UC Computer Science and Software Engineering, UC CEISMIC Digital Archive, UC Geography, and Catalyst IT.


Monday, 12.00 – 1.00 pm, A6 lecture theatre.

Tuesday 1.00pm – 2.00 pm, Karl Popper 508.

Thursday 3.00 – 4.00 pm, Rutherford 542.


James Smithies (JS). Course convener.

Tim Bell (TB).

Grant Paton-Simpson (GP).

Chris Thomson (CT).

Alison Watkins (AW).





Setup, Theory & Methodological Background

1 / 23 Feb. Introduction (JS) WordPress
Digital Humanities (JS)  
2 / 2 Mar. Digital Research Infrastructure (JS) Using the UCDH Virtual Machine
Software Development (JS)
3 / 9 Mar. Project Management (JS) Project Management
Materiality and Digital Forensics (JS)

Tools & Methods

4 / 16 Mar. Distant reading and algorithmic criticism (JS) Algorithmic Analysis
Data Visualization (JS)  
5 / 23 Mar. Topic Modelling (JS) Raspberry PI
Metadata and Linked Open Data (JS)
6 / 30 Mar. TEI I (CT) TEI
7 / 27 April ANZAC Day Omeka
Crowd-sourcing (JS)
8 / 4 May GIS I (JS) Omeka + Neatline
9 / 11 May Data Analysis I (JS) Data Management & Analysis
Data Analysis II (GP)
10 / 18 May Python (TB) Python (CT)
Python (TB)
11 / 25 May Python (TB) Python (CT)
Python (TB)
12 / 1 June Queen’s Birthday Python (CT)
Conclusion (JS)